Special Training on Energy Conservation Technology of Swell Green Building Phase II
2019-03-11    Browse Times:32
In the afternoon of February 22, 2019, the Institute of Programming and Architectural Design organized the technical training of "Green Wind Building Environment, Sound Environment, Construction Sound Insulation, Lighting Design". The meeting was hosted by Gao Yuchi, manager of software research and development in Swell. More than 40 people, who are the director of the project and architecture specialty, and relevant designers, participated in the training.
This training is the second phase of the series of green building technology training, which aims to improve Designers'knowledge and understanding of energy consumption and environment through expert's explanation and on-site observation. During the whole life cycle of the building, it can save resources to the greatest extent, realize the benefit sharing between human and nature, present and future, and achieve good sustainable development effect. Fruit.
In the next few years, green construction and assembly building will become the focus of the design development of the construction industry. Encouraging the application of new technologies and new materials, and actively using various design software and technology, perfecting the new era concept of architectural design, and developing and standardizing with the times become an indispensable part of architectural design.
Finally, Director Jia Binghua made a summary, and proposed that our designers should strive to do a good job in each project design, learn to use software and specifications, constantly improve our design ability and design level, create a good brand image of "Zhongxing Zhicheng", and promote green ecological architecture design to a new level.
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